Industrial Shredder | You can trust 50+ years of experience!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Looking for a company that has over 50 years of experience in industrial Shredder equipment? Are you looking for a company that is going to design engineer and manufacture your equipment all in one location? Are you looking to simplify your process because you are tired of going through so much Consulting that seems to be no help? Allegheny is really here to help you and we assist you throughout the entire process. Check us out!

We highly encourage you to check out our website that has plenty of content available for you that will be the beneficial and helpful. When you visit our website you will see different videos for the equipment that we have. This gives you a chance to see our machines and action so that you can get an idea of how powerful and aggressive they could be. show you what what to expect in regards to how hoperation will work. We provide better paper shredding equipment as well as for other materials. It’s important that we know what you’re trying to shred so that we can provide the best solution to you.

No one particular machine is crafted to serve all purposes. The machines are going to be better for shredding documents While others are going to be a higher powered for shredding through tough materials like rubber and old tires. We want to give you the best value for your money and that’s why we offered Factory pricing. We are able to do this because is able to manufacture all five major types of industrial shredders. This is helpful because we don’t have to Outsource any of our projects because our engineers and designers are all here in one location.

when you look at our website this videos will give you a chance to see our Factory without coming to Pennsylvania. However if you are able to visit Pennsylvania we would love to have you in to show you around. We would love to introduce you to our team of Engineers and designers so that you can figure out our culture. You can even extend the warranty on your product for up to 10 years to give you the optimum peace of mind that you were looking for.

Rebuild industrial Shredder if I’m going to last for years and years. But isn’t everyone else saying that they build machines like this? Who else do you know that has had machines that have lasted for over 30 years and are still going strong? We’re not here to take advantage of you instead we want to empower you to have a more efficient office operation. we do this by giving you access to the highest quality Equipment for the best price. We really want you to have every opportunity for success in your business because we respect business owners. Check out our website and videos!

Industrial Shredder | 50 years of higher standards!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you looking for an industrial Shredder manufacturer who is going to give you more than what you ask for? Just may seem like a weird question because wouldn’t everyone want to have more than what they ask for? But is this really a possibility when you are working with a manufacturer for such a large piece of equipment? We are here to really show you a different way of doing business. Allegheny is here to support you in your business because we are very passionate about entrepreneurs and business owners.

Don’t other companies they stuff like this but do they really back up what they are saying? Are you looking for a company that is different from the others because they set themselves apart by products that they offer you? We are dedicated to a higher level of excellence. In fact Excellence is our standard and it only goes up from there. We have over 50 years of experience and are very particular about what we will put our name on. If we couldn’t put her name on a product that we have created then it is no use out in the world.

Having a sense of pride in the products that we create is something that hold us accountable to achieving higher levels of Excellence. That’s why you can trust us because we don’t settle for less and that you shouldn’t have to either. But are you concerned about the pricing that comes for higher quality Equipment? No worries there because we offer at the best prices because we are able to sell you are machines at factory price. We can do this because our Factory and our design and Engineering teams and everything are all in one location.

We don’t have to Outsource any of her project to someone else nor do we have to go through a board of directors to create the products that you need. We build a better equipment for you because our team is all here and ready to go. Some of our machines have been going for years now. In fact 30 years and over that which is pretty crazy because that’s such a long time. They operate from a higher standard and we are picky about who we hire so that we can have the best results.

When you work with us as your industrial Shredder manufacturer you have the option to build a custom machine if what we have doesn’t necessarily meet your requirements. We have so many options out there that have already been created, but we understand that you may have a particular need or size that doesn’t already exist. We are happy to work with you to create the product that is going to be perfect at your facility. This gives you a better option and better opportunity for Success. We are raising the bar in this industry and we have been leading the pack for over 50 years. Allegheny is the company for you, so give us a call!