Industrial Shredder | Customized and personalized for perfection

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

How do you know which industrial Shredder is really going to be the correct machine for you? Are you overwhelmed with all of those options out there and you really just want the simple solutions that you’re looking for? Are you looking to make the process simpler by working with the best customer service team on the market? Are you tired of a spinning in circles and being more confused after your research than you were when you started? Allegheny is here for you to call us!

You needing something special particular to what what your needs may be, we probably have the machine already created for you. However if this is not the case and you’re not satisfied with what our options are then we can definitely build you something custom. Being able to have a personalized machine really interest that you’re going to have the perfect product for the job that you are wanting to accomplish. We build the equipment for you because we are very dedicated to giving you the tools for success in your organization.

We really value and respect business owners and we know how hard it is to get started in a start-up business. In fact we were a small family-owned operation back in 1967 when we started our company. Now we are the leading company for industrial Shredder products and machine. So if we can make it this far we know that you can, but it really does help when you have companies out there who are looking out for your best interest. Allegheny truly does care about you and is wanting to set you up for success as much as possible.

When we started as a family-owned company we really had the vision of giving better solutions back to the community. We saw a need for a better product on the market and we took the initiative to go ahead and create it. Since then, over 50 years of experience has been accumulated and we are not stopping anytime soon. We are the only manufacturer who can create all five kinds of machines in one single location. Our Factory is super neat to witness and so we really encourage you to come visit Pennsylvania and let us show you around.

When you come visit our Factory you will see that there are so many industrial Shredder options out there. This can be overwhelming but rest assured that our team is here to consult with you and simplify the process. Basically we will just find out what you needed and what volume of materials will be shredding and help you and narrow down your choices. If we don’t feel like the options that we have are really going to suit your needs then we will talk with our design team to create something specific for you. Whatever way we can help we are going to, and that’s why we are the company for you, so call us today and let’s get started on your route to success!
Industrial Shredder | A lifetime of support with every machine!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

I’m shopping for an industrial Shredder but you have a few particulars that you have in mind before you will purchase one? Is it more than that you work with a company that is going to really educate you on the different options out there? Are you looking for a company that is compassionate and kind and patient with you and the shopping process? If you’re looking for a company that can create something custom for you then Allegheny is here to support you. We don’t have to Outsource any of our projects because our Factory is fully equipped with everything we need in house.

We really want you to visit our Factory if you get the chance because it’ll give you a better idea of what we are about. Not only will you see how our products are made and see them in action, but you will have a chance to experience our customer service at its best. You will be at showed around from the front to the back as far as the engineering side goes. You can even meet our engineering team as well as our designers because we want you to have a better feel for what our development process is like.

This emowers you to have the Peace of Mind and knowing that we are here to support you.if you’re needing something special then this is a great time that you can discuss that with our design team and our development team. Both of them are here to support you and Sue at work hard to provide a more efficient solution for you. Hear the company that’s going to stand out Above the Rest because we go to Extreme Measures to make sure our clients are fully satisfied. Why you really do want you to visit our Factor if you have the chance because we would be so extremely excited to give you a tour.

He also help you determine whether or not you’re going to need a small shaft rotary grinder or if you’re just looking for something simpler than that. This gives you the chance to see the different products live and in person. But if you’re not able to visit our facility then no worries. content on a website that is helpful to you so that you can see videos of the use of products working. Although it’s not the full experience it does give you a better idea of the product at work. However we can help we are going to do our absolute best.

Allegheny is the industrial Shredder manufacturer for you because we can build something custom for you and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied. We can help you whether you were looking for office equipment that is going to help you shred through large volumes of documents. And we can also help you if you need to shred something like rubber and old used tires. Whatever you need maybe we delivered. Call us today and visit our website so you can see videos as a first glance of what we are capable of.