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This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Are you needing an industrial Shredder for your office because you have heavy duty shredding to get done? Are you not really sure who may have the right equipment for you and at the best price? You wants to be able to keep coming back to you or whatever company you decide to go with because they meet all of your needs? We are the friendly company for you because we are able to work with our in-house team of Engineers true love what they do. Visit our Factory in you’ll understand.

Call us if you are needing something special and are looking for a team that can build to the right Shredder for your. It’s important that you are able to have the security that the equipment that you end up purchasing is going to get the job done. Because these documents are really private information and could violate a lot of people if they’re not taken care of properly. With our company you have the option of five different kinds of machines.

Other Industries rely on us and have for years because we are able to assist their spy listening and creating a special project for them specifically. If you have unique request our team is happy to take on this project because we have skilled craftsmanship. We just take our ideas to a piece of paper and give it to the team and they take it from there. Next it goes to a CAD Print and from there we talk with you again to make sure that this will exceed your needs and over-deliver your expectations.

if you’re needing something special created for you this is exactly what we are here to do. Office equipment is a possibility or if you’re needing something a little more heavy-duty for industrial shredding we’ve got you covered. We have over 30 years with one machine that is so shredding and going strong. This is because we build equipment that is going to last. you will find as your company grows you will have new needs of shredding equipment and we are here to help. To come back to us and we will help solve these filaments for you let manufacturing whatever kind of machine you need.

Our industrial shredder has five kinds of machines including the particle cut and Crosscut. We are able to assist with any of the needs of this industry and we are more equipped than other companies to meet our customers needs because they keep coming back for more. Check out our website and you will see all of the services that we offer. If you still have any questions definitely give us a call or even schedule a visit to our Factory and see how we have all of the leverage to help you and the things that you need. You have insight for you and are able to make this information known to you so call us today.

Industrial Shredder | Imagine your most successful equipment

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

We invite you to come visit our factories so that you can find Lee industrial Shredder for you that will best serve your office or place of business. You will definitely not walk away from our facility with any sort of disappointment or regret because we can help. You’re the company that stands above all of the rest because we go the extra mile for our customers. This is a perfect combination of security for you because these documents carry important information that cannot get out to anyone else. Call us today.

Once again if you have any sort of regard or why we could not help you then lose really want you to call us because we can help. Our Factory is open for you to come take a tour and visit so that you can see exactly what we do here. We have a team of Engineers that are able to craft the right machine for you and the job at hand. Our company stands Above the Rest because we have been here since 1967 mastering this. We have only gotten better in time and love developing aggressive shutters for you.

There’s a higher level of sheet capacity and certain shutters as opposed to others. A stripped got is going to have the highest level this but it may not be the most efficient and destroying all possibility of the sheets being put back together. It’s the simplest cut with a simpler mechanism but it does require less oiling. It’s also the faster shutter that’s going to get the job done so if the documents aren’t super crucial this may be the shutter for you. It still provides the protection that you need what is not the most efficient and the industry. Talk to us if you think that you should go a step further and you’re setting.

The next one I want to talk about is the crosscut shredder. It may not go as fast as the other shutter like the strip cut it is able to do micro cut and has more variety of levels of security for you. Personalized size sweaters are also an option for you with us and just keep in mind that it has a smaller sheet capacity. So it will take longer and or diligence from you on the labor side. But these micro cuts are super secure for you.

Having a personalized industrial shredder and the business office that you didn’t even know you were missing out on. You never have to stress about if your brother is going to deliver the results that you are looking for when you consult with us. We are very dedicated to making sure to find the right there for you while also offering the best price. That’s why we are the industrial shredding company for you because you have inside of what your needs are when she talked with us. We have the affordable Solutions and are efficient and meeting your needs.