Industrial Shredder | Our machines don’t wear out fast!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

When you purchase an industrial Shredder do you go into that decision with the intent of longevity in mine? Are you looking for a company that has extraordinary customer service that you can rely on to answer questions? Is it important that they’ve been in business for a while now and are Masters at the processes of their business? If you’re looking for a higher quality of equipment that is durable and Powerful, then Allegheny is a company for you. Everyone that we have worked with has been extremely satisfied because we go the extra mile to ensure they have the results they’re looking for.

We are constantly looking for new ways to serve you by providing the highest level of Excellence that you could imagine. We build a paper shredding equipment that can really power through those higher level volumes. We know that it’s important that you have equipment that can really provide you security and peace of mind. That’s the whole purpose of the machines that we built. We don’t just build them to build them, but we build them with a purpose and we followed through.

We also have the most affordable pricing that you won’t find anywhere else because we have the advantages. One of the main advantages that we have is our Factory that we operate from. At the factory we are able to manufacture all five types of major shredders. This really is an advantage because we know that we have every product that you could possibly be shopping for. In fact if you want to prove us wrong and don’t think that we do, we can even build you something custom and personalized to your needs.

You’re not going to settle for less because we are constantly raising the bar and pushing ourselves to become better at our craft everyday. Our Engineers are Craftsmen at work to provide the best quality machines that you could hope for. We sell our products at Factory pricing so that you don’t have to sacrifice higher quality for a lower price. You get the best of both worlds with the most affordable pricing and the high-quality machine that you’re looking for. It will really increase the productivity in your office and help you manage waste.

Our industrial Shredder equipment is going to really impress you, but it’s also going to make your wallet happy. We are not looking to take every penny from you, in fact we are very proud to offer the affordable Solutions with the highest level of excellence in mind. That’s because we take shredded very seriously and we really love what we do. When you visit our website you will learn more about how we are so dedicated to serving you. Check out the video content that is super helpful in helping you see the equipment live and an action. It’s our joy to serve you, so call us today!

Industrial Shredder | The machine might outlive you!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

When you shop for an industrial Shredder have you ever considered that the machine might actually outlive you? We are assuming that you probably haven’t had this thought because you have work with other companies that have a low standard for their machines. We’re very open to feedback and are dedicated to giving you the better equipment that you’re looking for. You won’t have to settle for less with us because we go the extra mile and really raised the bar.

We want you to first and foremost look at our website of information that has valuable content you can benefit from. We know you can benefit from it because it gives you a visual of the equipment in action. What I mean by this is that we have videos of our machines so you don’t just have to read about them, but you can see them in action at our Factory. We also have the ability for you to come visit our Factory which is really helpful for you.

So it may be crazy to consider, but it’s very possible that some of these machines could outlive you! Wouldn’t that be nice to not have to purchase this machine ever again? Because we are aware that this type of heavy machinery is an investment for your business, but you actually get the best pricing when you work with us. That’s because we offer Factory pricing for our clients because we want them to have the best opportunity to succeed and their business. This is one way that we ensure that we are doing our part to help business owners in the world.

Having better equipment in your office is something that will really change the Dynamics of it. We need your feedback and are open to and that’s how we have gotten so good at our craft over time because we have had objective reviews. If you check out Google you will see that there are others who have been completely satisfied with our products in the past. We actually care about our clients and we build a relationship with them as if they were someone in our own family. Of course we keep things professional, but you will truly feel valued when you work with us.

Working with us is more of a necessity than it is a want, but you will find yourself wanting to work with us as your industrial Shredder manufacturer. We go the extra mile for you and are highly reviewed because we are constantly showing how our standards are higher than the rest. We are not here to take advantage of you because we truly do want to help you succeed in your business. Whatever you’re looking for a particle cut or a strip cut, we can help you. It’s also important to consider what materials will be shredding and what level of volume you will need power do. Questions? Great! Give us a call!