Industrial Shredder | Development and design!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you looking for the sleekest industrial Shredder design and you want to team that really knows what they’re doing? Would you like to work with a company that has over 50 years of experience and can build something custom for you? Is it important that the company that you work with is experience because you only have a limited supply of finances and want to make sure you make the right decision the first time? All you need is here to support you because we are based around the foundation of customer service. Call us today!

There’s not one single particular Shredder that’s going to be the best for every single job application, and we really help you decide on what will be the best one for you. We do this by listening to you which is a huge part of our customer service. We believe that listening is such an active process and for us to really give you the best results then we must be good at this first and foremost. We haven’t mastered the skill of listening so that we can best serve your needs.

Are you tired of being taken advantage of from other companies out there who don’t seem to know what they’re doing yet they want every penny from you? Are you looking for a better way of doing things because you are losing trust rapidly when it comes to this industry? You won’t walk away disappointed when you work with Allegheny because we are very dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied. When you come visit our Factory you will see that we are transparent and have nothing to hide.

We really do encourage you to come visit our Factory if you have the chance to. If you’re not from Pennsylvania we understand this could be quite the travel for you, but it is well worth it. It gives you a better idea of the process that takes place to build these high-quality machines for you. Also you can see these machines alive and in action so that you can get idea of what will be necessary at your facility and what won’t be necessary. We have a whole team ready to serve you from our customer service representatives to our Engineers.

We provide a better opportunity for you to have success with in your business because we build the equipment for you. We don’t have to Outsource our projects to anyone else because we are the only manufacturer who can create all five major types of industrial Shredder Machines at our facility. You don’t have to go through a board of directors to have a custom project approved for you either. We simply just listen to what your concern is and drop a design and once you approve it we build it for you. This really simplifies the process for you and we also offer the most affordable pricing. So Allegheny is the company for you!

Industrial Shredder | Let’s take a tour!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Do you want an industrial Shredder company that is really transparent and has nothing to hide and so they will welcome you into their Factory? Are you looking for office equipment that is going to be better equipped for those high volume products? Are you looking for a higher level of security with a particle cut? Whatever your need maybe, Allegheny is very concerned with your protection and your security. Give us a call so that we can figure out who the best machine for you.

We will help you determine whether or not you need to cross shred or a particle cut. These are two different cuts although they both offer higher levels of security as opposed to the strip cut. We have extensive knowledge in this industry because we’ve been doing this for over 50 years. We’ve been in business since 1967 and our engineer teams are here to serve you. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with you because customer service is our favorite part of being in business.

When you needing something special our team is here to create it for you. We are the company that’s going to stand out Above the Rest because we go above and beyond for our clients to ensure that they are satisfied and getting the results that they are paid for. You will have the lowest prices when you work with us because we sell our machines at Factory pricing. That’s because we can build a better equipment for you and our one single location. You don’t have to go through a long process to have a project approved for you.

We have designers who can create a custom draft of a project for you. If you don’t see any machines within our organization that we have already created, no sweat! We actually really love the opportunity to build these custom machines for you because we know that it becomes a perfect solution for your organization. Your company deserves to have the equipment that will enhance the opportunity for Success. When our customers ask for a particular and custom personalized Beecher, we deliver. We never questioned whether or not we can follow through on this because we always do.

One thing you love about working with Allegheny as your industrial Shredder manufacturer is that we are the only one who can manufacture all five major types of machines in our facility. It’s really saved you the hassle from having to go to other companies who have to Outsource their projects. Everything that we are going to do is done in this one single location is Pennsylvania. We started as a small family-owned company that has developed into the most Innovative and efficient company. We understand what it’s like to start your business up and that’s why we offer the most affordable pricing for you because we are on your side. We want to see you succeed, so call Allegheny!