Industrial Shredder | Appreciate Greatness

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you the kind of person that just thoroughly enjoys whatever that you are able to interact with greatness and appreciate greatness with industrial shredder machinery? It is not just with shredding products, but it’s with so many different areas of life where you’re able to witness experience a great experience? Would you love to be able to work with organization can provide you excellence with your shredding needs and you’re able to get some good things done with that work? Was time to sit tight and be ready to work with an organization that continually been able to thrive and provide some really good results. It’s time for you to work with Allegheny shredders as they have been the proven resource for many years to come as one of the best people places to turn to. So really if you just give them a call today at 724-468-4300, you will love working with these guys and being able to experience their top-notch quality.

Now my working with these guys in industrial shredder capacities,. Many different things taken care of but here’s some of the things that matter with their history. For one thing Mr. Wagner was not only a guy who founded the organization, but he was also in innovator. He was one of these guys that look to the competition and said that the competition is a joke. He thought the competition could I get whipped in the shape and that he could provide a much better experience with his machinery and with his work. The horse power that he was able to construct was actually two times better than the competition back in 1971 and that was when he got himself on the map. Customers realize that he was able to provide a top-notch machine and the kind of power that was provided and that helped communicate that detail.

He was also the guy that Natalie went for four-star proficiency. Just because something has a lot of power and doesn’t mean it’s something is worth while the use because it could be highly ineffective. So by working with this company, he was able to improve the cutting assembly of the machinery so that there could be a higher throughput in the product while alleviating some of the potential jamming issues that many of these machines saw. And by doing this use of the original sawtooth cutting processes they can make him stand out those early days and continue to stand out now.

B is right now, this company is last so long they’ve expanded in all different five technologies that are available for credit. So not only do they just strip cut work but they also do cross cut work in many different other pieces and details for work as well. And this kind of vision helps them stand out in the marketplace as being that all purpose shredding company to work with.

So when you’re ready to go and work with a top-notch quality company for your life, the same few to work with us and be able to get you the kind of success you need. Just give us a call at 724-468-4300 like I mentioned earlier and you’ll be happy to work with us.

Industrial Shredder | We Keep on Winning

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Isn’t it just marvelous to get an industrial shredder from a company that’s continually been able to thrive and succeed with their machinery? Like this that makes sense for you to work with an organization that time after time gets after it and get it to get the job done and is continually been able to be a successful organization? What’s one of the great things that you should know about working with us and about providing some of the key essentials that you can take away by getting in touch with a great machine shop? Well you can deftly take advantage of is the fact that we are the kind of company to work with and get a lot of great things taken care of. And all it takes is for you to just get in touch with our organization over at Allegheny shredders. These guys have continually done a great job so just by giving them a call 27244684300, will be able to provide you that kind of assistance and resources need to go the distance.

Is one of the things that makes it stand out with their industrial shredder tools is our history and our history could not be possible than with our founder Mr. Wagner. This guy has been a pivotal resource for many years and for over 50 years, this organization success is responsible because of Mr. Wagner. He’s started this whole thing out by trying to break the barrier with this machinery and he wanted to outperform one of the top shredders back in the day which is only doing about 7.5 hp. And with this guy was able to do back in 1971 is be able to deliver on a first on the first heavy-duty industrial shredder that was able to go 15 hp. I mean that is a lot of bandwidth and he’s continue to keep up that trend by producing menu by producing machinery that can go to 300 hp and has shredding systems that can produce 20 tons of shredding paper per hour. Me that is a lot of paper that’s just been ripped to pieces.

And so whatever you decide to work with these guys, you can know that he’s also not only been the guy that was a trendsetter but he’s more than just with horsepower. He’s been a trendsetter with cutting assembly as well. He’s been able to do some great things to provide sufficient work on a regular basis by utilizes some of the original sawtooth cutting capabilities. This gave them the capability to add some throughput to the shredder as well as cut down the ability to jam with the machinery.

These things matter in the shredding industry and that’s why it many of his customers that he’s gotten over the years has continued to stay with them for many years to come. And disguised a great job of being able to win the hearts and minds of many people and that’s why he’s been able to exist for over 50 years now.

So if you’re ready to work with an organization that can go above and beyond provide you with the tools and capabilities need to succeed, they get ready to work with Allegheny shredders because he’s been such a worthwhile resource to work with.