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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you ready to work with a great company that has all the tools in the world to give you a fabulous industrial shredder resources? Is it not important for you to work with the best in the industry and work for nothing less? Don’t you want to work with the company is not only heralded as one of the best in the industry that has been around for over 50 years and has survived alterable types of recessions? Then let me tell you it’s time for you to get in touch with a great organization like ours today at Allegheny Street. We’ve been in business for a long time and we know that over the past 50 years, we understand what’s important and what the customer is really needing from us. So he just gave us call the day at 724-468-4300, will be happy to give you the kind of luxury treatment you always loved and always wanted from an industrial shredding company.

And the thing that customers really need from an industrial shredder company is they just need a helping hand. A lot of these guys don’t know specifically what they’re asking for and they need somebody like us to be able to guide them and help them out on the kind of products that they would love to see in their work environments. We got some people that are looking for pretty large industrial peace accord of equipment in order to massive supplies of shredding power. We also have other companies are just looking for a good shredder used for the floor on the office. Whatever the case may be we get that full range right here.

And with that full range calms lots of different perks that you can tap into by working with us. We have warranties that will go as far as 10 years. At so much trust that we have in our products to be able to do an excellent job for you. We also do as we also provide repair and service our shredders to for the life of the machine. So you’re getting quite the luxury treatment by having us be able to consistently work with you and be able to service your equipment even though it’s several years old.

And then our piece of equipment are also utilizing the full range of shredding technologies. In fact with our equipment were the only manufacturer that uses five different the five different shredding technologies all in-house. So whether you need particle cut equipment or cross cuts or heck even strip cut, we’ve got all these things and more.

But it’s really how we treat our customers that makes us awesome. As I mentioned before where a helping hand for clients and you know customers just remark all the time about how nice it is to work with the super professional company that understands what they need to do and gets it done on a real timely basis. Give us a call and we will be this company for you.

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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Do you focus on what’s gonna make the best difference with your organization. You know that has to do with an industrial shredder product? Like will it make you money or lose you money by purchasing the right industrial shredding components and materials for your organization? Do you own a shredding shop and you need to get some reliable assistance and due diligence from a shredding organization like ours? Well it’s time for you to know the by giving a call today to Allegheny shredders, this company will go to great lengths in making sure that you always get the best value for your investment. It all starts with a simple phone call to the phone number like 724-468-4300. Or there’s other options that you communicate to us.

For instance at the top of our website on industrial shredder needs, you can actually find our email address in order to figure out what solutions we can do for you. We can actually take care of that for you and you can just simply email us at That’s righteous send us a quick email about whatever concerns you have, and will get right to it as soon as possible. And on top of that, you can also just thought the form on our website and will be happy to address that particular concern that you describe in that web form. Or you just gives call to and will jump on the phone and make sure that your concerns addressed as immediately as possible.

And it’s not only the various avenues of communication that you can tap into that makes us better than the competition. It’s also a huge factor that you’re able to get some valuable investment in valuable time set aside to work with organization. It’s that it’s that kind of customer service that kind of investment to our clients that we want to make very clear that were willing to invest in make an important aspect of our organization. Because my working with us, you know verifiable is that were able to grant you the specific details you need to succeed and were able to grant you great time that’s invested back and your organization.

Staff you to stop wondering whether working to be a good investment and to start working with us. Because it you’ll find our website, there’s a lot of cool details that you can really appreciate when working with us. For one thing were the only manufacturer supervised five different shredding technologies all in house. So there’s no need to rely on some other third party to be able to take care of this particular thing but everything is in Houston we own everything that is in our operation.

So whether that be for crosscutting methods or single chef Rotary grinders, where the guys that you can turn to for each of those cases. So it’s helpful for you to know that is everything in one roof so take a chill pill and work with us today.