Industrial Shredder | Time for Excellence With Shredding.

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you ready to work with a company that does not shy away from the competition but has been able to dominate the competition with a high quality industrial shredder? Like would not be relief for you to work with companies who’ve been able to do a tremendous job of being able to provide value and worth with their organizations? What are some of the key things that you should know about working with a shredding manufacture and once can help them stand out from the rest the competition that you can choose to buy their products and work with them for several years and decades to come? Well it’s about time that you worked with an organization like Allegheny shredders because we have been one of the best people in the area and continually provided excellence and worth all the time. so if you just gave us a call today at 724-468-4300, will deftly be that organization that goes above and beyond the your expectations and will surpass anything you can imagine from a shredding company.

The is when it comes to our industrial shredder products we deftly know that were doing. And the good thing is that we have some fans that know that we do a great job as well. Francis Jason who’s been a customer with us since 1984 has stuck around the long haul and has seen our products work wonders with them. That’s what his company has worked with 25 years now and he recognizes that the people in the equipment that we have at our organization is by far the best in the business. They’ve bought several different kinds of shredders from our organization and is just never been disappointed the equipment that he buys always runs real hard because they have some aggressive deadlines and it’s only been on rare occasion that we would need to come out there and fix his piece of equipment. With nice but working with us is that we are extremely responsive as well to his needs.

Is also a great customer as well named Tim who has just done a fabulous job. He’s recognized that through the many years that is worked with us, it’s packed his work with us for over 30 years now, he recognizes our organization is one of the most caring companies around. He just knows that we keep customers like him at first interest whenever they work with us. They were always striving to do more inconsistently innovating new systems and equipment and that is what he’s able to find by working with us.

And so take recommendations of these two guys because they been with us now for 25 years and over 30 years. They seen the ins and outs whenever the economy broke down and dropped and whenever the economy skyrocketed and did great. They’ve seen us in the hot 70s and have seen this in the brand-new 2000s. These guys know that we are consistent time and we been able to be a resource to all of our customers.

So if you’re finally done being curious and ready to go on getting our goals set, it is time for you to give us a call today and will happily get you to the highway of gold.

Industrial Shredder | Consistency in Machinery

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Very tired of working with organizations that produce industrial shredder products that just don’t know to be consistent with their work? Like you’ve tried work with other manufacturers of shredding products, they just haven’t been able to provide you the kind of consistency you need in order to get to your goals? What can help you get to some great points of success and worth and help you see that working with our organization can be a really good idea? Will he do any research into Allegheny shredders, you can know that we’ve been able to do a great job all the time and you can know the by just given a call today 27244684300, will be that great company for you.

Now here’s some of the back story behind us because since we been around for over 50 years, get a lot of different details about how we been able to succeed and thrive. And with our industrial shredder products, they come in all shapes and sizes but it started out with a man named John Wagner. And this man was trying to break the barriers and be able to construct something that could outperform the current top product. Inaccurate top product can only go at seven and half horsepower on the market. So in 1971 he went above and beyond the call of duty and not only made a 7.5 hp shredder but meanwhile if they could go at 15 hp. Is one of the first heavy duty shredders in the industry at the time and that’s what made him really be impressive.

And so he became as impressive and this continue to be a trend with his work because his company has gone above and beyond and continue to impress people with currently a 300 hp industrial shredder and it shredding mechanisms that can produce up to 20 tons of shredding power and shredding paper per hour. I mean, that is so much paper in one hour unbelievable how fast this thing can go. But what but he didn’t stop there just building machines that did a great job with horsepower.

Mr. Wagner also constructed machines that have the cutting assembly needed to make them even more efficient than the rest of the competition. That’s right this guy began using the original sawtooth cutter procedure in this aggressively pulled the paper into a cutting assembly. By doing this and added more throughput that was scalable to a shredder and also cut down on any ability for the machine to jam.

That wouldn’t make sense for you to work with an organization that had somebody in leadership at least in the past be such a huge innovator? Then it’s deafly time for you to work with our company over at Allegheny shredders and definitely time for you to get your head in the game on providing great worth in this area.