Industrial Shredder | Don’t settle for less

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Are you tired of choosing other industrial Shredder companies that just aren’t getting the job done? Is this frustrating because it isn’t cutting it for them to not be passionate about what they are providing to you? Because when it comes down to it they’re offering more or should be offering more than just a cut. They should be offering a better way of doing things and a secure mindset for you to know you are covered. You build relationships with your patients and customers so they should be doing the same.

When you work with us you are signing up for a better way of doing things by giving yourself the position of optimal shredding capacity. We build a relationship with you because we know that your business will be growing and thriving and you will have a need for us in the future. We don’t see you as a one-time transaction but in fact we see you as someone you can come to for years to come. We have lots of experience in this industry and are happy to answer any questions.

We have been very dedicated to getting the feedback of our previous customers since we have been in business for over 50 years. We started this business in 1967 with you in mind to give you a better way of shredding. We saw a need in the industry and we Rose to the challenge to meet at. We are still very dedicated to innovating and crafting machines that are going to impress you. Security and efficiency are the perfect combination for your business and that’s exactly the benefits we offer. Whether you were looking for a particle cut or a strip cut we can help you with whatever your needs maybe.

Come visit our Factory and you will see that we have a different options for you in regards to whatever you’re shredding needs are. We’re developing our machines and our craft every single day because this is what keeps our business running and on our toes. We always have it in mind to offer you the best cut that also offers the least amount of Maintenance possible. This is a necessity for you because you were busy working through so many projects at once. You shouldn’t have to worry about changing the bag often.

Working with us as your industrial Shredder means that you can have the best micro Cuts as well as the best customer service. You also are signing up for the best Prices on the market because we offer Factory pricing for you as our gift back to you. Working with us is something that we do not take lightly. In fact we take it very seriously that you chose us as your choice for security and destroying important documents. Don’t settle for less by working with the other guys instead choose Excellence with us. We over delivers to call us today.

Industrial Shredder | No awkward settings

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Do you consider quality in every purchase that you make whether it be an industrial Shredder or the organiv avocados at the grocery store? Better yet are you very picky about which store you choose to buy either one of those products from? As you may know you can’t use one store as a universal store for every single thing. This applies to our shredders as well. Meaning that not one Shredder is going to get every single application done properly. Some shutters are better for certain projects than others are. We are here to help you differentiate between the two.

We want what’s best for you so we are constantly working to make our communication skills better at informing you about shredders. We love it to shred paper so much at our Factory that it is a similar to comparing a pyromaniac slugs for fire. As much as they love to blow things up we love to watch them shred into a tiny little pieces. It’s also super relieving to see them fall into the bag and create colorful particles that all blend together to make a fun image. But enough about our fascination with paper.

Destroying paper is why you have come to this website because you want to make sure that your documents are able to be disposed of properly. When you take em clients you also taken their personal information which means they trust you. That’s why you can trust us because we are dedicated to making your life easier with the machines that will get the job done. We do this by offering you more levels of security through whichever device you choose to work with. Some are able to operate at a higher sheet capacity but don’t offer as much security While others offer optimal security with more labor involved.

This is what I was talking about when I said that not one machine is perfect for every single job. If you’re wanting to be able to shred through 30 documents at once it’s possible that the strip cut is what you’re looking for. It’s the fastest. Destroying that many documents at one single time. It also operates with the simpler mechanism that you will not have to oil or maintenance very often. It has the highest heat capacity but it is not the most secure in regards to how small the strip cuts are.

When you choose to work with a cross cut you are giving yourself more opportunity for better security. This is because the industrial shredder cuts up the paper and more directions than the strip. The strip cut just cuts in one single Direction and doesn’t go back in another Direction. The Crosscut is going to offer something call the micro cut in a particle cut that also takes the paper down to its particle form so that those words will never be put back together again. It’s the most secure and regards to paper shredding. It’s all about what you’re looking for in regards to how much security you need.