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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Ready to order a really good industrial shredder, you just don’t know which company you should turn to in order to get this taken care of for you so that you can get a worthwhile purchase? Is it not only the purchase of the machine that matters, but also the delivery and service you get after making the order? And then is there also a helpful relationship you like to build in order to make sure that no matter what issue happens with your shredding machinery, the that you’ve got a reliable company you can turn to in order to get this taken care of appropriately and very quickly? That it’s time for you to work with our organization over at Allegheny shredders. this company’s done a terrific job and is unable to go above and beyond with their work. As ratio call today at 724-468-4300 and those deftly provide great wealth of knowledge.

Because some of the cool things about their industrial shredder working with this company is that they herald themselves as one of the world’s greatest shredding manufacturers out there. He is for the past 50 years now, these guys and to been destroying the game and I’ve literally been destroying commercial paper and hard drives for a while now. They’ve been able to do this consistently and that’s what it kept up with so much business and that’s why for your interest, usually to schedule a free design consultations that you get this stuff done real quickly.

Because these guys are the kind of guys that provide everything that you need. I mean they provide equipment for things like paper shredding or hard drive shredding or material handling as well. but it’s not just those areas of focus that make them important even though that’s a lot more than some of the other guys provide. But with these are one of the only manufacturers that’s able to provide five different shredding technologies. They provide things like strip cut work or crosscut methods or cross shredding or particle cut and hectic provides single chef Rotary grinders too. These people did a terrific job of making the machinery stand out.

And whenever you work with us, you get that great relationship afterwards they’ve always wanted to. You get the repair and service that you need for all the shredding equipment you purchase for the life of the machine. Yeah that’s right weather when there’s something happens to the machine, which doesn’t happen often because of machines are built so well, Grable the ship the guy out to you or send them out to build a take care of it super quickly.

So if you’re ready to finally get stuff done and be able take some great things to handle, then it’s time for you to work with our organization over at Allegheny shredders. Just give us a call today over at 724-468-4300 and will happily get you to the goals that you see for your organization.

Industrial Shredder | We’re Pretty Great

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you dying to work with a company that built industrial shredder that just kicks butt against the competition? Like really gave her a company that goes above and beyond the expectations and constantly floors the competition with their worth? Are you looking for a company that’s not only kicking butt and taking names, but is also been doing this consistently for multiple decades and multiple generations? They just know that if you gave a call today over the Allegheny shredders, you we get all of those perks and many more. He is not only to have the years of experience to back themselves up, but they also have the great reviews and the great credentials to back themselves up as well even in current times. It is give a call today over the 724-468-4300, and these guys will do a pivotal job at being able to take care of your needs and make sure that you are ready for success.

By working with these guys, they will go above and beyond approach. I mean their customer service is just outstanding no matter what kind of industrial shredder products they service for you. So whether it has to do with some of our paper shredding technologies or rather has to do with some of our material handling equipment, will deftly be the kind of company you can trust on to work with. Some of the reasons for that have to do with the fact that we provide warranties that can extend as long as 10 years for our products. On top of that we also provide free repair and service to any equipment that we sell to you for the life of the equipment. Yeah that’s right were willing to invest time and finances to fly people out your location or connect with people on location to be able to fix up your parts and machines.

So by working with Allegheny shredders, you can also know that we work very exclusively with hard drive shredders as well. Because these suckers will be the reliably fast destructive machines needed to take care of any kind of hard drive or data bearing equipment. The machines that we use our payroll cost effective and powerful resource for destroying things like hard drives laptop computers or cell phones or many more things than that. But it’s really ideal for companies that are doing information destruction services or are managing records on a regular basis or are just places that do is scrap recyclers.

Whatever the case may be with the you are wanting our drive recycler are not or whatever the case may be for yourself, it’s important to know that these guys get the job done all the time. And since it doing it for over 50 years, you should understand that been able to do a great job for over 50 years for their customers.

And so if you’re ready to take the deep dive with a high quality company, then just give a call to the number that I talked about before. Or you simply thought of form today and will be happy to give you a call to give you a free design consultation. You’ll deftly be a little a lot more for this process so you should deftly just reach out to us today.