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This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

With the high volume of paper and personal information that you go through at your job it’s important that you have an industrial Shredder they can get the job done without any sort of question. What are you needing a particle cut or a simple cross threaded we have the association’s for you. Our equipment is built to last because we love to work towards helping you achieve your goals and has a better solution. Call us today.

Since 1967 we have been the factory that is welcoming and people to come and see what the shredding business is all about. There are so many different options when it comes to shredding on high volumes that we love to demonstrate those to you. There is no one single Shredder that will get the job done for you with efficiency. Just like a snowflake there is uniqueness to whatever is going to be needed for the job. That’s why we specialize in all of the five major types of shutters in the industry. We are actually the only manufacturer to do this.

so when you find yourself needing something special you have come to the right team with us. We have an entire team of researchers that does a extremely good job of doing their research. They do their job every day so that you can have the security that you deserve within protecting those documents. Actually we’re not really wanting to protect the documents but we’re wanting to protect your privacy by destroying documents. That’s why we are here to build something special for you if you have a more in-depth need and request.

You won’t walk away disappointed because our engineer team is super dedicated to at taking care of whatever your concerns are. Finding the right shutter for you as something that might be a little overwhelming for you alone. That’s why our consultants in our entire staff is here to answer questions that you may have. We’re extremely friendly and we promise we don’t bite. But seriously We are so extremely excited that you have trusted to come with us with your concerns. That’s why we will follow through on the job all the way through. We’re here with you through the entire process.

If you didn’t even know that industrial Shredder equipment was a something that required engineer team then please come visit our Factory. We have found that a lot of our clients really enjoy this process to see the work that goes into creating the products that you love. You won’t walk away disappointed because we promised we will be able to help you. When you have a special request we don’t have to take it to a board of directors. We have the authority to approve the project and begin working on it immediately. That means faster results for you. So our Factory so that we can figure out what would be best for you.

Industrial Shredder | Smiling is our favorite!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

You know they’re all different kinds of industrial Shredder options out there? Not ever each other is built the same. In fact some are built way better than the other ones because they require more attention to detail. Like they probably have a whole team of Engineers to get this job done. That’s how we operate here at our facility that’s how we know that we provide the best product for you. We are extremely dedicated to giving you state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line. You deserve nothing less than this and that’s why we are providing the better equipment for you. Call our office today so we can get you started.

We have insight to what your needs are when you communicate with us. It just takes a simple phone call to see how we can help you and regards to finding the best router for your office or your facility. We operate facility with a single shaft rotary grinder that is better equipped for our customers needs. If you need a smaller more personalized rather we can help you decide if you need a cross red or a stripped red. There are so many options out there that be overwhelming.

Want to make sure that you walk away completely satisfied because that is our entire Mission here. Since we’ve been in business since 1967 we have been the company that has been standing out above the others competing at a higher level of Excellence. When you work with us you’re signing up for better standards in higher quality of products. Enable you to take care of those more aggressive jobs. Like the ones that have it so much paper that you couldn’t even begin to think about reading that with the current shutter you have.

Cross shredding gives you a higher level of security because it goes a step further than the strip’s tread a strip tread is just going to cut one single Direction and still provide security but it might not be the most secure for what you’re wanting to do. We are able to inform you about which type of shredding will be the best for the level of security that you are looking for. There are pros and cons to every type of one single shutter is perfect for every job. That’s why we have experts here to answer any of your questions and we are super friendly.

We have designers and Engineers who were building the industrial Shredder that will please you and go the extra mile for you. This gives you the security combined with a perfect level of efficiency that you deserve in your shutter. We want you to be able to shred a high volume of documents with minimal labor. That’s why we are so Innovative and constantly looking to make our products better with each day. We love working our team to create a design that is best for you. We manufacture all five kinds of machines and this one building and that is unheard of in this industry because we are the only ones who do it. You can trust us or call us today.