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There is so much more to life than just shredding paper, but we know hard drive shredders are important to you and your company. At Allegheny shredders, with our experience options and Facilities, you can trust us with whatever situation. We choose to give you the warranties the service that create the peace of mind to forget about the confidential information. So whatever your needs are, We can give you an answer. our innovative solutions create a new standard in our industry, and that’s why we would ask you to call Allegheny shredders today and get a quote about a new machine.

It’s important to us that out of all of the hard drive shredders available, you know that our customer service is Premier. The reason that we can confidently say this, is because we choose to give you the best warranties, that can be extended up to 10 years. Now our products come with a one-year parts ashern, and we want to repair and service the shredders for the life of the machine. So whether you have paper, hard drives or other information that needs to be shredded, we will help you find a way to do that. Trust are 50 plus years of experience in order to find the best quality Care.

With this in mind, the services that we have available are really endless because of our Innovative process. When we knew that there needed to be hired shredders available, and that’s why we have the greatest horsepower industrial shredders available. Are original Sawtooth cutter not only with cutting-edge, but eliminated jams within the system and continued consistency for your information. With all this available, there should never be a situation that we can’t find a solution to. It’s important that we can use our 5 shredding techniques that we are certified in for whatever your need may be.

why does this matter, well with hard drive shredders, you are trusting your information to be taken care of. It is important to consider all elements. And that’s why are certification through the National Association of information destruction is so important, it shows that are strip cut, Crosscut, Pierce and tear, and grinding among others are to be trusted. schedule a free design consultation to create or find the machine that you need for your company. This is the reason that the top 10 facilities in the world trust us, and we can say we are the greatest shooting manufacturer in the world.

Allegheny shredders wants to be there no matter the situation. As to whether you have mile-high piles of paper or discs or anything else that needs to be taken care of, let us help you walk through but that might look like. With our Hyatt customer service and warranties provided, we can give you peace of mind to walk forward with us. Please look at our reviews on Google and check out the stories on our website to know that each client is incredibly important to us. our systems can handle up to 20 tons of shredded paper per hour, which is just a statistic in your mind but shows that no matter the problem we can take care . Call us today in order to take care of your needs.

Hard Drive Shredders | We Got You and Your Info

Who do you trust with important information? When choosing hard drive shredders, this is an important question to ask simply because it is your confidential information. At Allegheny shredders, we want to give you the best options, experience and price in order to have machines that you need. What this means for us, is that we will schedule a free design consultation with you and really determine what you need as a client. We are not going to just throw something at you prefer to custom fit you and find what you need so please call us today and will be able to connect with you!

Out of all of the hard drive shredders, at Allegheny, we know that customer service is of the utmost importance. Not only because it’s a testament to the services that you provide, but also the quality of care leads to a smoother process. With this in mind, we offer a one-year Parts deal and labor warranty with every new machine. the warranty can be extended up to 10 years and want to repair the product that you have over its entire life. So whether you have paper needs, a hard drives or anything else, we will find a fit for you.

For you to choose us, we need you to know what options and services we provide. We have over 300 horsepower industrial shredders available to you, which is higher horsepower than any other in the industry. Our owner knows the Innovation matters, as standards and expectations rise. Which is why we created multiple machines, including the original Sawtooth cutter this is important, because it eliminates jams with in the process and creates a more consistent flow for your information. One of our systems can produce 20 tons of shredded paper per hour.

What makes this different among the hard drive shredders in the industry, it’s really that we show our care through affordable pricing auctions and continued creativity to serve you. We offer our shredders at factory prices, so that it isn’t added stressor to deal with. We are the only manufacturer of all five shredding techniques and are certified by the National Association of information destruction giving you the peace of mind that you need to move forward with us. We went to show you the confidence that we have and being one of the greatest manufacturers for shredding in the entire world.

For us are 50 plus years of experience can speak for itself, but please take a look at the Google reviews to see what other people say about us. Check out our website, we share stories about our machines available but also at what customers are saying. The perspective that we have, is to give you excellent with your machine your service and your prices. With that in mind, Allegheny shredders is highly reviewed and knows your needs and the importance of your information. So call us today and we will figure out how to help you match with me machine that you want.