Hard Drive Shredder | Happy As A Peach

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

I was sitting at my kitchen counter eating a peach and I thought myself when was the last time I used my hard drive Shredder? And I realized I had a great piece of equipment sitting in my office that we were barely utilizing. We had Stacks and stacks of hard drives just sitting there that needed to be destroyed and we just hadn’t done it. Why don’t you want to let something sit around like that if you don’t have to let it sit around and collect dust and germs and just clutter up your office. I’m so glad the Allegheny shredders helped me get by hard drive Shredder up and running again.

I realized that without using that Shredder I wasn’t truly protecting my customers as much as I could have been all wrong whenever I had the equipment right there in front of me to utilize. I wish I wouldn’t have been slacking so much I’m using my shredders that things started to pile up because that is very very frustrating. Now that I have remembered and put it on my to-do list to start using my shredders every single day I feel much more productive in my office is much much cleaner. I am training my employees to use the shredders everyday to that way we stay on top of things.

We have even started looking at other things that we could shred around our office and have realized that there are so many opportunities to get rid of things that we don’t really need any more. We have so many things to do around that just collect space and dust that don’t need to be there and they just need to be gone for that. I believe now that I should become a minimalist should I did not know that until I started shutting things and it has made me so happy to get rid of all of these things. It’s only we had been using this longer would we have be in this problem we would really know that there is so much good things about having a shredder.

now we really are different than all of our other competitors because we are sure to get rid of all of this instant formation in a timely manner instead of letting it sit around unprotected. Nobody wants their sensitive information just laying around unprotected that doesn’t make you feel very safe about what you are doing and who you are doing business with. We definitely like to give our customers an extra piece of mine then the fact that we always destroyed since information as soon as we are done with it and this makes our customers want to come back to us time and time again.

We have so many things that we are thankful for when it comes to Allegheny shredders because they have really set us up for success in our business and in our life. We are so happy that we are so organized now and that we have changed our business plan to fit the needs of our customers more and more by the day. If we hadn’t become so where we would not have been utilizing the products that we already had sitting around and we are so glad that we can call Allegheny shredders and get more products to help us run our business if we need it.