Hard Drive Shredder | Practical Shredding

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

After long hard thought I finally decided that it was time for us to get a hard drive Shredder. before we got our new hard drive Shredder we were smashing them with hammers and that wasn’t a very easy thing to do and it made a huge mess and probably didn’t actually destroy anything. Now we have an actual system to get rid of the information on these documents that we don’t want people to get ahold of. All things to Allegheny shredders because they knew exactly what we needed to take care of these things.

In our part of the country you usually don’t buy things to use to spread something up because no one really thinks that’s important it’s easier to just rip it up with your hands or smash it with a hammer smash it with a hammer. well the longer you do this the more you realize how inefficient and completely Not practical visit.

Now we know all of the products that Allegheny shredders carries because they sent us an email with all of the products on there. That was so overwhelming reading that email at first but then we call back again and ask them to explain each and every product that was on the email. They told us while they were on the phone that they would go over each product so that we wouldn’t be confused anymore and we really appreciated that.

Allegheny shredders they really took the time to be patient with us because we didn’t know anything about what a shredder could do. I had never seen a shredder in my life so I didn’t know How to even put the paper in the shredder. They took the time to show us where exactly to put the shredder and even did it for us a couple times so we can make sure we did it the right way when we took it home.

Now whenever we’re at home with our new shutter if we ever have issues they will be more than happy to help us or we can call our support guy and let him know exactly what’s going on and they will try and help us. If they can’t help us over the phone they told us that we can bring it back in and they can fix it for us or we can upgrade it to a new one by trading it in. I love the fact that I can trade it in like I like to trade in my car every year so that I can have a newer model because that makes me really happy.

I am so glad that we are not smashing are hard drives with a hammer any longer. We are so lucky to have met a company that cares about us as much as I slowly to explain everything to us at Allegheny Shredder. We will recommend Allegheny Shredder to all of our friends who need anyting else shredded like we did. Give them a call today if you need to know more about how to shred something like we didn’t know how to do.