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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you trying to find industrial shredders? Will start scoring the Internet and wasting hours of precious time. Allegheny shredding company is your go to source for the top quality industrial shredders. There is no competition when it comes to Allegheny industrial shredders. They are committed to delivering the best service to their customers if they strive to create a meaningful relationship between you and their company. They want to work with you in order for you to find industrial shredders at the best price point and highest quality materials.

Allegheny shredding company wants to help you lay out your shredding facility to optimize production your document and paper destruction operation in order to maximize your total output. They have a wonderful service and technical support team members on the inefficiently to any problems that may pop up or arise. Allegheny industrial shredding company will provide complete and total solutions and support as your business continues to grow and change. Find industrial shredders is as easy as calling Allegheny (724) 468-4300.

Over the past 50 years for Allegheny has in helping their customers find industrial shredders at the best possible price point and highest quality. They have helped thousands of companies implement and develop extremely successful in industrial shedding operations for over five decades. Many of Allegheny’s customers agree that the Allegheny Way of helping their customers is a huge value benefit of conducting business with Allegheny shredding. Allegheny industrial shredding will go above and beyond their competition to make sure you are well taken care of and all your questions or concerns have been fielded and answered fully. They are wonderful company and want you to be completely satisfied with your new industrial shredder.

Allegheny shredding creates relationships with their customers that are as solid as an Allegheny industrial shredder. You don’t have to like anywhere else to find industrial shredders but here at Allegheny shredding co. you will not find a better value or quality, even after the sale they go above and beyond in order to help you and your company keep producing and shredding at high outputs. Allegheny will even help you develop a more efficient means to collect extremely confidential materials, process them and then recycle those said materials.

Allegheny is a worldwide force in the industrial shredding industry they create extremely rugged and reliable industrial shredders and Allegheny the only place to find industrial shredders at incredible prices, coupled with complete customer care and service. Allegheny is one of the most reliable industrial shredders in the world, but should you run into or need any troubleshooting their highly trained technical assistance and customer service working through any issues you and your industrial shredder may have at that point in time. And they guarantee 100% satisfaction with every industrial shredder or optional machine they sell. Complete with a one year parts and labor with every new shredder purchased. The stop what you are dealing give visit you all the services and shredders they offer at impeccable pricing. Or give them a call at (724) 468-4300 they’ll be more than happy to help you find industrial shredders to suit your company shredding needs.

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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny industrial shredders are the top American-made shredders in the world. This is the one and only place to find industrial shredders at these incredible low prices. There’s a reason why Allegheny shredding deals with tugs shredding facilities in the world and why they trust Allegheny shredders. All of Allegheny’s shredders come with a one-year labor and parts with every new shredder in the United States there J series actually offers a three-year parts and labor. Allegheny is the company to find industrial shredders, as they have over five decades of time proven experience in hands-on knowledge in the industrial shredding industry.

They are the only manufacturer that produce all five types of shredding technologies including strip cut, cross cut, particle cut, single shaft rotary grinders and cross shred. This is the only company where you’ll be up to find industrial shredders that can do all five of the shredding technologies. Allegheny shredders even offers you an opportunity to extend your warranty for up to an additional 10 years. They are the world’s greatest shredding manufacture and have been for the past 50 years. They can destroy confidential paper and hard drives securely and efficiently.

If you are looking where to find industrial shredders, look no more because Allegheny shredders are the industry-leading in the market and are built to last. Unlike many other shredders whose companies built-in planned obsolescence and they are meant to break after a planned timeframe. The free to reach out on their website to schedule your free design consultation, just submit your name, email and phone and their expertly trained customer service and sales team will reach out to you to get further information on your needs and wants help you find industrial shredders that match your desires.

John Wagner built his very first I industrial shredder over 45 years ago complete with a 15 hp motor. He was the founder of Allegheny shredders and has instilled a family culture within the company that still persists to this day. Allegheny has built extremely popular industrial shredding equipment because of a response to the needs of his customers. John Wagner’s vision to come up with a solution that enables his customers to become much more proactive which in return makes them much more profitable. This mentality has stuck around within the Allegheny company culture. He is constantly striving to better service its clients for their select needs of their business is changing grow over the years.

There’s only one place to find industrial shredders and that here at Allegheny shredders.
Every successful company will tell you that their customers are the light source. Allegheny is no different in me appreciate all the years of support their customers that showed there extremely proud of the relationship safe culture and some are as long-lasting as their equipment. The free to follow along on their website and view a long list of educational videos and how to’s on every industrial shredder or optional add-on equipment Allegheny offers. There is a huge database of video and pictures that will help you navigate your equipment more efficiently and effectively. I encourage you to visit or call their friendly and professional customer care team at (724) 468-4300 or they can be reached @