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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny shredders have been leading the industry by producing the world’s best and most efficient shredders for more than five decades of continuous improvement and promised customer satisfaction. They are the top manufacturer in the world for industrial shredder equipment and the only place that you will find industrial shredders of this caliber. They destroy confidential paper and hard drives, plus much more. If you like to schedule your free consultation you may submit your name, email and phone at And they’re highly trained national sales team will reach out to you to better customize and help you find industrial shredders that work best for you and your business.

Allegheny spreading company can be found in the top 10 shredding facilities around the world today. There’s a reason why these top 10 facilities trust Allegheny shredders. They have a one-year labor and parts with every new shredder in the US, and their K series shredders have a three year parts and labor. Which is pretty unheard of in the industrial shredding industry. They are the manufacturer that creates all five shredding technologies; strip cut, cross shred, cross cut, particle cut and single shaft rotary grinders. No matter what shredding you need to get done Allegheny shredders will find industrial shredders suited specifically for your needs. Allegheny shredding co, also repair and service your shredder with a lifetime of the machine. And their industrial shredders are meant to last the test of time and operate at high efficiency year after year.

You are even able to extend your warranty up to 10 years. There is no other company that manufactures industrial shredders that is able to hold a flame to this type of extended warranty. This is the reason why Allegheny shredding is the number one manufacturer of high-end industrial shredders in the world, give them a call and they will find industrial shredders suited to your needs and desires.

When John Wagner, the founder of Allegheny shredding, built his first industrial shutter over 45 years ago. He included a 15 hp, engine which was double the size of the competitor engine at that time. Ever since John Wagner never stopped striving to bring the highest and most efficient industrial shredders and innovations to the industry. To this day, Allegheny shredding company is still family owned and operated. They have that intimate, small time business feel, but are the number one manufacturer worldwide of industrial shredders. They will help find industrial that will make your business much more productive.

Allegheny shredding company offers a wide range of different types of shredders and support systems available to the consumer. They have paper shredders, high-capacity shredders, cross cut shredders, complete shredding systems, security grinders, hard drive and e-scrap shredders, tippers, balers, off loading systm for mobile trucks, cross shredding systems, product and e- scrap shredders, court shredders, conveyors, auto feed systems and they also offer leasing options on many older shredding equipment. Whatever your needs may be Allegheny will find industrial shredders suited specifically for your company. Go check out the website or give them a call (724) 468-4300 to request more information on which shredder works best for you and your company.

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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you trying to find industrial shredders that work for your business? Well Allegheny shredders is your go to source top industrial shredders. No matter your needs or desires for shredding materials, Allegheny shredding company can take care of you. They have been the world’s leading shredding manufacturer for the past 50+ years. Let them help you destroy confidential paper, hard drives and more. There is no more trust the company in the industrial shredding industry than Allegheny shredding company. They offer numerous services including but not limited to paper shredding equipment, hard drive shredding equipment and material handling equipment. Basically anything you need for your shredding desires and support services after the shred.

The top 10 recycling and shredding facilities in the world trust Allegheny shredding company with their shredding needs. With over 50 years of proven hands-on experience Allegheny know exactly what needs to be done in order to accomplish the job effectively and efficiently. Allegheny shredding company is able to extend your warranty up to 10 years after they find industrial shredders suited specifically for your business. Allegheny shredders is the one and only five types of shredding technologies, those 5 types are: strip cut, cross cut, particle cut, single shaft rotary grinders and lastly cross shred. No matter the type of materials you need to shred Allegheny will find industrial shredders that work perfectly for you.

Allegheny will help find industrial shredders for your paper shredding needs. They offer several different options, depending on the size and function of your business. They offer the J-series office paper shredding machines. There are three available models in the J series. The first one is modeled J time, excellent is launching and lastly model J 45 with a one horsepower upgrade. All of these options make for a compact industrial shutter creating a very reliable and cost-effective means for your security needs at your office. These are for general office use in one or several locations in your business as well as their ability to process a higher capacity used for larger departments within said corporation. Allegheny will find industrial shutters that work perfectly for you.

Allegheny shredders also offer high-capacity shredding options. They have four different high-capacity options. The first one is their 16th series shredders these are designed specifically for use by a single operator and are extremely quiet, powerful and versatile in your destruction of paper and cardboard products. Cross cut shredders are made for paper shredding companies who want the high output volume of an industrial shredder but have a need for a smaller more secure shred load. There’s also the hundred series shredders which are designed to be operated by one or two people and also processed between one ton to 2 1/2 tons each and every hour. These are generally suited better for the larger institutions with a centralized shredding location.

Allegheny shredding company also offers 1000 series shredders, this is one of their more rugged and ultimate industrial shredder built to withstand the most demanding users and applications. These bad boys can process from 3 tons to 25 tons per hour, and you can further maximize that output by attaching the auto feed system to your thousand series shredder. No matter your need Allegheny will find industrial shredders built specifically with your company in mind. Give them a call at (724) 468-4300 or visit their website and get started on your search for the ultimate shredder.