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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Out to Henny shredders sell at extremely fair and reasonable factory prices as they are the top producer of the best industrial shredders in the world and considered by many to be the most reliable shredders on the market today. All out to Henny shredders and equipment are hundred percent American-made a manufactured at their home base factory Delmont, Pennsylvania. They are able to sell these world-renowned shredders at factory prices thus making sure that you receive the maximum amount of value on your investment. They are able to do this on their products because they do not have to pay for import or export charges, since all of their shredders are built with American raw goods and assembled by American hands.

Many of the customers would say some of the biggest savings come from the quality of their equipment. They make the best industrial shatters that hold up the test of time, even at companies that are extremely hard on their equipment and use them almost 24 seven. But all Allegheny equipment is built to outperform the competition and year after year growth strong without breakdowns resulting in extremely costly repairs. All of which is an opportunity cost it takes away from your business. But for any reason you do have a problem arise, their technicians are extremely educated and can help fix your problem in no time. To get your paper shredder of back and run and your company making money.

Allegheny shredders are the world’s greatest and most reliable shredders on the market. How did he has been manufacturing for the past 50+ years and constantly create the best industrial shredders for their hard-working customers. They destroy confidential paper, hard drives and many other materials, so you can be confident when you purchase Allegheny equipment. You may schedule your free design consultation with their customer care group by simply going to and simply giving your name, email and phone. There extremely knowledgeable and friendly customer care team will reach out to get a little bit more information on what you’re looking for in a shredder for your business.

Some of the main services that Allegheny shredders provide our paper shredding equipment, hard drive shredding equipment, and material handling equipment. How to Henny shredders service the top 10 waste and shredding facilities in the world. With over 50+ years of experience and knowledge Allegheny shredders are the best industrial shredders out there. Allegheny offers a one-year parts and labor with the purchase of every new shredder to those clients sold to in the United States. There popular K-series comes with a standard three year parts and labor.

They have the ability to service and repair your shredders for the life of the machine, and no matter the issue rest your head knowing that Allegheny the knows how to fix it. You can also extend your warranty for up to 10 years. These are some huge added values that keep Allegheny shredders as the industry leading and best industrial shatters in the world. And not only do they make the best products their backed by an extremely knowledgeable and friendly team of customer service and technical agents that will help you anytime a problem will arise in your business. So what you waiting for visit,give their customer care call (724) 468-4300 or by email

Best Industrial Shredders | Built Allegheny strong.

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Built Allegheny strong, oh Henne offers the best industrial shredders on the market and has been the industry leader for well over 50 years. What makes them stay at the top in the industrial shredding industry? Well it’s their commitment and passion to constantly developing and innovating their products, all while keeping the customer at the forefront of their business plan. Everything they do they want to benefit their customers and add value to all of their products. Allegheny shredders are the world’s greatest and best industrial shredders. They have been manufacturing for the past 50+ years and they confidently destroy confidential paper, hard drives and many other materials. There is really nothing that they can’t shred or destroyed after 50+ years of innovation.

So their main services include paper shredding equipment, hard drive training equipment, material handling equipment, plus many other optional add-ons for their shredding equipment. Why did the top 10 shredding and waste facilities in the world give their trust to Allegheny shredders? Well the answer is as simple as it is complex. Years they have been providing quality service and experience for their customers, helping them with their businesses grow along the way. Allegheny offers one-year parts and labor with every new shredder purchase in the United States. And with their office J series they offer a three-year parts and labor plan. Allegheny is also the only manufacturer in the world reproduces all five shredding technologies, which are as follows; strip cut, crosscut, cross shred, particle, and single shaft rotary grinders. They also stand behind the best industrial shredders in the service and repair their shredders throughout the life of the machine. Giving you much peace of mind knowing that your machine will be a good hands for as long as it is around.

Allegheny also gives you the ability to extend your warranty for up to 10 years. They are constantly focused on bringing their customers the latest and greatest and best industrial shredders on the market. There really is no competition when it comes to the quality of their shredders. These are all hundred percent American-made and assembled in their Delmont, Pennsylvania factory. We take great pride in knowing that all the materials are American-made and sourced. Thus passing on the savings to their customers, but they don’t have to pay export or import tax and tariffs as many other companies do, and ultimately their customers end up paying for that added cost.

Allegheny makes the best industrial shredders and want to earn your business, as they now once you purchase once from them you will never purchase from another competitor. Their commitment to you in the highest quality source materials is what keeps them going year after year and even after 50 years they are still industry leading with the competition far behind them and not catching up anytime soon.

If you’re looking for a paper shredder for your office, they recommend their J series paper shredders. Allegheny offers three models within their J-series, the model J-25, model J-45 and model J-45 with one hp. No matter your needs out to Allegheny produces the best industrial shredders, all backed with superior technical support and a friendly and proactive customer care team, they are here to help you through every step of the process. From purchase, to warranty, to repair and technical help. Buy with confidence by Alleghney strong. Visit their website or reach them by phone (724) 468-4300 or via email