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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

If you are looking for the best industrial shredders, look no further than Allegheny Shredders. For over 50 years they have been bringing the industry-leading paper and material shredders to businesses all over the world, selling a wide range of specific tasks and solving business issues in extremely innovative ways. They have been creating the highest quality shredders and have been manufacturing for the world for the past 50+ years in order to keep business up and running destroying confidential paper, hard drives and more. If you are interested in scheduling your free design consultation, and give them your name, number and email and they will reach out to to get a little more information on your specific needs and what would that suit your company.

Allegheny make the best industrial shredders in the market no matter what you need to shred or properly dispose. They have the capacity to shred paper, hard drives and other material handling. Allegheny shredders for the J-series, which are suited towards post offices. They have three models. The first is the model J 25, Is J 45 and their most powerful J 45 with a one horsepower upgrade. These options are made to be extremely compact and create a cost-effective and reliable solution for your security needs at smaller offices, since these are meant to handle much less volume than the bigger industrial shredders Allegheny offers.

There high-capacity shredders are some of the best industrial shredders in the industry today. They have four different series of high-capacity, conveyor belt fed in which all being manufactured to meet your specific paper shredding needs. The first is the 16 series, Allegheny designed and created this model to be used by a single operator. It is extremely quiet and quite versatile, and can easily destroy your paper and cardboard materials. The next one is their cross cut shredder, Allegheny made it specifically for paper shredding companies who want the high output volume of industrial shredder, but this is a smaller more secure shred size.

The hundred series shredder is designed to be operated by or two operators and they can usually churn through 1 to 2 1/2 tons of paper products for our. This is the best industrial shredders for those looking at starting an off-site paper shredding service or for such larger institution with a centralized shredding area that takes it from several different location. At last it the thousand series shredder. This is the top dog rugged and ultimate industrial shredder. It has a capacity ranging from three times I have tons of paper per hour which is thus maximizing your company’s productivity, and can also use the Allegheny auto feed system to further increase productivity within your company.

No matter your need for a shredder Allegheny shredding services will help you find the best industrial shredders suited specifically for your business in order to solve your destruction of whatever materials of your choosing. I encourage you to visit check out all the different models they offer as well as street reviews testimonies from the very satisfied customers all across the world. Or you may give them a call (724) 468-4300 or email and they will help you find the best industrial shredders for your business.

Best Industrial Shredders | born to shred

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny shredding company was born just shred as they create the best industrial shredders on the market and have been for the past 50+ years. Still family owned and operated they operate out of Delmont Pennsylvania. Each and every Allegheny equipment is 100 percent American made and assembled. They are extremely proud of doing all this in-house as this allows Allegheny to sell the products at factory prices because they are skipping the import or export charges usually attributed to most oversee manufacturers.

Allegheny will help you receive the maximum value on your investment when you purchase one of the best industrial shredders in the industry. But your biggest savings will come from the quality of Allegheny equipment and the service after the sale. If you ask any of their customers they will say Allegheny equipment is built to perform year after year without breakdowns and/or costly repairs. Allegheny shredding company takes great pride on providing the most cost-effective solutions to their customers shredding needs from collecting to processing to recycling, there’s nothing that Allegheny can help you on your shredding needs.

Allegheny makes the best industrial shredders around, period, no if’s ands or buts. There is no comparison to their level of attention to detail and focus on quality equipment. If you are looking for security grinders and single shaft shredders, look no more Allegheny has exactly what you need. They offer the highest level of destruction and required for a wide and diverse range of materials and products. They offer a powerful solution for the destruction of a wide range of materials including plastics, paper, wood, medical waste and even the e-scrap products. They also attach the patent pending selecshred, which will allow the operators to be able to switch the screen size with just a push of a button.

No matter what you need to destroy security grinders and single staff shredders are the best industrial shredders produced by Allegheny. Allegheny’s security grinders is shaft rotary design with adjustable screen sizes. Allegheny security grinder is designed for a single stage don’t and run and can shred paper, plastics, wood, waste, printer ways and even the e-scrap materials.

Five Allegheny shredding company introduced the industry’s very first single shaft industrial shredder. This revolutionized the shredding industry as it can switch screens with this, this was a very time-consuming and costly process that could cost the company valuable time and resources. Allegheny shredding company makes the best industrial shredders but they also offer any other optional equipment that can be added to your top-of-the-line shredder. They make tippers, conveyors and horizontal balers. All three of these optional equipment and to the value of your shredder and help you shred at a more efficient and cost effective way. No matter your needs or whatever material you want to shred and destroy, Allegheny shredders are the top shredders in the world, and they strive each and every day to create more value added machines for their customers to fit their business unique and growing needs. Go check out you’ll be able to read many different shredding options or watch videos on how to properly run and operate industrial shredders. You may also give their customer service a call at (724) 468-4300 or by email Together you and Allegheny shredding can make your dreams a reality in your shredding world.