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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny makes the best industrial shredders as they are the world’s leading and greatest shredding manufacturer and have been for the past 50 years and running, they give you the ability to destroy confidential paper, hard drives and much more with your utmost confidence. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality shredders is evident in everything they do as a company, from producing high-end quality shredders, to their amazing technical service, to their friendly and supportive customer care team. They are well-balanced shredding company and will assist you to solve your problems however they can.

Some the service that Allegheny shredders provide our paper shredding equipment, material handling equipment, hard drive shredding equipment. Plus many more optional enhancement that can be added to your shredders. They also provide a recycling service for those in Pennsylvania area. Here’s a reason why the top 10 shredding and waste facilities in the world all trust Allegheny shredders, simply because they make the best industrial shredders on the market. There are 50+ years of proven experience showing their customers how to get the job done and extremely cost efficient manner. They are the only shredder manufacturer that produces all five types of shredding technology including, strip cut, cross shred, cross cut particle cut, single shaft rotary grinders. No matter the materials or volume you shred Allegheny shredders make the best industrial shredders built for your customized needs.

Allegheny shredders also prepare and service all of their shredders they sold for the life of said machine. Truly remarkable value added to this remarkable shredding company. They also give you the ability, if you’d like to extend your warranty up to 10 full years. That’s 10 years of peace of mind knowing that if anything is happened to your equipment you will be covered and they will fix it or replace your shredder.

As the best industrial shredders, Allegheny shredders is the one and only premier manufacturer of high-end shredders in the industry leading expert for well over 50 years. Allegheny shredders can provide you just about everything, from expert professional consulting to top-of-the-line superior equipment and coupled backed by the best service and support in the industry. They are a fine-tuned machine and work well in order to accomplish your goals and your shredding businesses. They even work on collecting and processing recycling profit Allegheny shredders guarantees complete satisfaction and solutions.

Allegheny shredders, to make the best industrial shredders today, just as they did 50 years ago when founder John Wagner began building his industrial shutters in order to outperform the paper shredder leader from the past. The leading paper shredder 50 years ago with a 7.5 hp industrial shredder, John created double the horsepower, so 15 hp industrial shredder thus making it the most powerful and effective shredder on the market back then. Since then Allegheny has never looked back and that’s a speed ahead, they are constantly thinking of how to maximize the value on your investment in continuously improve on design and functionality. They put the customer first and everything they do and you can tell after you deal with them one time. So please visit their website give them a phone call (724) 468-4300 or even email differently customer care team is eagerly awaiting to get you shredding today.

Best Industrial Shredders | You deserve the best

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

You deserve the best industrial shredders, and Allegheny produces the top quality shredders and have been for 50+ years. All Allegheny equipment is American made and American assembled. Headquarters at their factory in Delmont Pennsylvania. They sell at factory prices ensuring that their customers receive the maximum value on their paper shredding investment in the made in America this also allows them to sell their products without import or export charges associated with foreign goods. One of your biggest savings with Allegheny shredders is the superb quality of all their paper shredding equipment, they simply make the best industrial shredders around and no one even compares. Just go ahead and ask anyone of their customers Allegheny equipment is built to outperform and outlast the competition that year after year without breakdowns were extremely costly repairs, which is an opportunity cost cutting your business to lose money whenever it’s getting repaired.

Allegheny shredders takes extreme pride on giving their customers the most cost-effective solutions to their customers business needs. Allegheny makes the best industrial shredders and has been for over 50 years. John Wagner the old founder was quoted as saying “in this time of exciting growth in the shredding industry Allegheny provides the most superior and reliable equipment to handle your destruction and security needs.” In this statement still rings true and is at the core value of the company. They are constantly innovating and perfecting their shredders and other optional equipment that can be attached to their shredders.

Every Allegheny shredder is designed, engineered and manufactured to last year after year and withstand the most demanding applications and uses. People always say that to build things like they used him which is quite true, but Allegheny still builds the paper shredders like they did when they started back in 1967. Allegheny sells the best industrial shredders in the world and at extremely affordable factory prices. How is this done? Well all Allegheny shredder equipment is man-made and manufactured at their factory in Delmont Pennsylvania thus allowing Allegheny to be able to sell their products without added import or export tariffs and charges. So not only do you get a true reliable product, you also did a fair and reasonable price. Meant to last for many years to come.

They have over 50 years of complete customer satisfaction Allegheny is family-owned and operated shredding for more than five decades, and there is no slowing down for them now. They are more motivated and determined to create the best industrial shredders the world has ever seen. So no matter what your business needs may be Allegheny has a solution to your destruction and shredding needs.

To go check out their website to browse a long line of exceptional shredders and other office equipment. You can also read testimonies from clients and how they swear that Allegheny makes and sells the world’s top-quality shredding machine and attachments. They also have a leading customer care crew and technical professionals who can help you any issue you may have. Helping you get your shredder working again and keeping you from not making profits. They also give their team a call (724) 468-4300 or reach out by email Their team is looking forward to assisting you into purchasing a brand-new paper shredder to last a lifetime.