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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

We are one of the best shredding building companies in the entire world. There is not a lot of companies out there that can say that they have a 50-year reputation in their industry. We build the shredder machines and rebuild them really well. As a matter of fact, we believe we build them better than anybody else in the industry. We wanted you to take that challenge and test it yourself. We don’t want you to just to take out reviews we want you to go online and see that we are one of the most highly-rated shredding Builder companies available. Industrial shredders have gotten bigger and bigger over the years as Recycling and other men’s for industrial shredders have grown.

Our CEO and founder mr. Wagner has also served to develop a few layouts of industrial shredders on his own one of these includes his t18 indestructible Shredder. This is one of the best Shredder machines available and it can handle just about anything that you throw at it. If you want to throw a tire wrench into one of our machines you can watch that thing get eaten up like nobody’s business. Now we don’t recommend that you shove wrenches in your products just to see them get destroyed it is pretty freaking cool. we are customer service first approach to what we do here.

What it means to have a customer service first approach is that when we sell you a shredder machine we don’t just treat you as a transaction we treat you as the valued member of our community that you are. When you are a member of our community it’s easy to see that we care about the people that we work with and we care about your in product because we want you to be a lifetime customer. Even if you only buy from us just one time we care about our products being out world. Are not a lot of other companies out there that are going to stick their name out for their brand the reputation for the next few decades. We have continued to evolve over 50 years because of our dedication to customer service and our dedication to high-quality industrial Shredder.

Don’t just take our word for it I want you to go online and see our many Google reviews at a client testimonials from other people that we have worked with to help them get their solution meets. Whether you just need a single office size Shredder to handle little paper tasks or you need industrial-grade Shredder to destroy hard drives. We can help you with your goals. Just sign up for one of our free design consultations today and one of our experts will get with you and help design the shredder of your Dreams.

I’m sure that you’ve never dreamed about a shredder before but once you go through our free design consultation and you work with our staff and you see the passion and professionalism they have you’ll be constantly thinking about letters and how you can improve the shredding function of your day-to-day existence.

Shredder machine | Big shredders

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

There are a lot of different shredding machines out there and that’s why we hear the organization want to make sure that you have the right fit for your Shredder machine. we don’t want to just stick you with some machine that’s not going to help you achieve your goals or help you achieve your capacities or not going to be able to take on the tasks that you wanted to pick on. Our goal is to just sell you something so that we got the sale our goal is to make sure that there’s a good fit between the client of the product that is Received. There are a lot of companies out there that are just going to try to sell you a shredder that is just under the capacity that you need so that way you quickly outpacing you just have to buy another one.

When you work with us you can schedule your free design consultation for your Shredder machine so that way you never have to feel left out to dry and just stuck with a few big box choices. We want to custom design a shredder machine to fit your purposes exactly because we understand that your business isn’t like any of the other businesses that we were very specific purpose we want to help you knock that out. there is not another business like your business in our community and that’s why we want to help you do everything that we can to help you grow consistently.

There are a lot of different choices you have when you are looking at Shredder machines and one of the first choices that you were going to have to make is whether you are going to need a big Industrial Drive Shredder or you’re just going to need a small office site Shredder. There are a lot of different types of shredders and this is primarily going to determine what kind what size of machine you were going to need. There are a few different things that you are going to have to know about your organization like how much that you’re going to need to be shredding on a monthly basis so that way we can have a jumping-off point with our design team.

Our founder and CEO he designed indestructible cutter made from the highest impact resistant steel available and if he can make one that is going to serve its purpose for decades on end without chipping and it’s going to continue to work that it’s very clearly going to be a high rate of return on investment project you’re going to be able to cut down man-hours and increase your capacity for shredding.

When you work with us we don’t want just a one-size-fits-all kind of machine we want to build you a machine that is going to serve your organization for the next decades to come so that way when it is time to size up the next machine you’re not forced to work with us, you want to work with us because of our dedication to professionalism and excellence in everything that we do.