Case Studies

Nothing is more convincing than hearing about a customer’s actual workplace experience with our equipment. And there’s a lot to learn from how companies have solved particular problems they’ve come up against – ones you may be facing right now. Our Case Studies make for interesting reading!

The Story Behind a 200 Horsepower Shredder
Rohn Industries, St. Paul, Minnesota
Night of the Twister: Two Years of Work Nearly Blown Away
Frankland Document Destruction, Jackson, Tennessee
Roll Up Your Sleeves and Do It!
Datastroy, Summerhill, Ireland
Working Hard in the Big Easy
Gulf Coast Shred, New Orleans, Louisiana
Shredding Then and Now: A World of Difference
Ohio Mobile Shredding, Columbus, Ohio
Shred First: “King of Product Destruction”
Spartanburg, South Carolina
“Rewards for a Job Well Done”
St. Louis Data Destruction