Used Equipment

16-105C Shredder

Allegheny has two 16-105C shredders in stock. Both shredders are virtually identical. One was manufactured in 1986 and the other in 1994. These versatile machines are powered by a 3 HP motor and a heavy duty drive train. They have a 16″ feed opening and a 1/2″ shred width.

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20-350C Shredder

Allegheny also has three 20-350C shredders available to be rebuilt. One of these machines contains a 20 HP motor and was manufactured in 1990. The other two shredders each have a 40 HP motor and were manufactured in 2003 and 2009 respectively. All of these 20-350C’s have a 20″ feed opening, a 1/2″ shred width, and the ability to shred large volumes of a wide range of confidential materials.

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Used Equipment 20-350C Shrink

36-1000C Shredder

Allegheny has one of its larger and most durable shredders, the 36-1000C, in stock for rebuilding. This heavy duty shredder was manufactured in 1997 and is equipped with a powerful 75 HP motor, 36″ feed opening, and 5/8″ shred width.

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Used Equipment 36-1000C Shrink