Particle Cut Shredders

The bridge between the volume of a Strip Cut and the security of a Cross-cut

  • Offers a cost-effective method for secure, automated “dump and run” shredding
  • Confidentially destroy up to 2,000 lbs. of material per hour
  • Ideal for contract shredding services or record storage centers that require high volume, high security, document destruction
  • “shears” material to give ability to bulk feed a large volume of product.


Allegheny’s Particle Cut Shredder offers the perfect combination of security and efficiency. These aggressive shredders enable you to destroy a high volume of documents with minimal labor.

Our Particle Cut Shredders literally “shear” the material to be destroyed, producing shorter strips than slitter-type shredders. You gain the ability to bulk feed a large volume of product. If you want to do “dump and run” shredding, add an input feed conveyor; that will allow you to empty full boxes of documents into the hopper, which are then carried into the cutting assembly. An electronic “eye” in the cutting assembly will stop and re-start the conveyor to handle the flow of material.

This particle cut output can then be fed into a baler for recycling profits. Allegheny manufactures Horizontal Closed Door Balers that work seamlessly with our Particle Cut Shredders to produce compact, mill size bales.

Allegheny’s Particle Cut Shredder is also uniquely manufactured with a feed design that offers greater security than most Pierce and Tear machines. Allegheny’s 20 Hp Particle Cut Shredder is an excellent choice for smaller RIM centers wanting to provide a higher level of automated destruction.



  • Can destroy product down to random lengths, 1/2″ wide strips
  • 20″ feed opening allows for product to flow at rapid pace
  • Can be used as stand-alone unit or in tandem with a strip-cut shredder to achieve cost-effective, high-volume, ultra-secure Cross-Shredding